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Better health with tile and grout cleaning in Beaufort

Here’s one of life’s ironies that commercial tile and grout cleaning professionals in Beaufort know all too well. The room where you clean yourself is not always that clean and can actually be bad for your health.

We all spend hours in the bathroom, washing and cleaning, primping and preening. But those daily rituals involving steamy showers, soggy towels and wet face washers come with their own hazards, and we don’t mean slippery floors.

No, the warmth and damp of your bathroom create the ideal breeding’ conditions for mould. Mould on tiles and grout, painted walls, vanities, ceilings – in the very air you breathe.

Bathroom mould – scientifically known as stachybotrys – is usually black and slimy but you can’t always see it. And it’s not what you can see that is necessarily doing you harm anyway. In the warmth and damp of your bathroom, mould spores can sprout and release into the air in a day or two and can cause life-threatening asthma attacks, as well as headaches and nausea.

You can remove much of your mould problem with adequate ventilation and regular cleaning but some mould is persistent, particularly in those hard-to-clean spots or on surfaces such as the grout between tiles.

Our professional tile and grout cleaners in Beaufort are experts at removing mould from a variety of surfaces. Whether the walls need a washdown or you’re after a professional tile cleaner to tackle that tile grout cleaning job you’ve been avoiding, our team will get the job done. We even have a specialised tile and grout cleaning machine.

While we don’t want your weekly household cleaning work, we’re happy to come in and tackle those specialised cleaning jobs that require professional attention, such as getting tiles and grout in pristine, healthy conditions.

Contact our Blue Ridge Cleaning Company team and we’ll happily discuss your options and provide you with a quote for the cleaning work you require.