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Commercial carpet cleaning Ballarat can rely on

At Blue Ridge Cleaning Company we’re all about making a good impression and we know our clients have the same approach to their businesses. First impressions are among the most important impressions and when customers walk through the front door of your business the last thing they want to see is a grubby office space....
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Demand for commercial cleaning in Ballarat

Never let it be said that Ballarat isn’t a booming place to do business because the amount of commercial cleaning Ballarat and district businesses demand is constantly increasing. Not that we’re complaining about office cleaning work in Ballarat  – it’s our bread and butter – but we do get a little sick of reading and hearing...
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Christmas carpet cleaning in Ararat

Christmas is coming and so too are the family gatherings that come with the festive season. If you’re like us, you want to have your home spic and span for Christmas and other celebrations and carpet cleaning is a good place to start when sprucing up the house for visitors and guests. A regular session...
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Christmas commercial cleaning at Beaufort

Christmas is coming – in fact it’s only two months away – and if you haven’t made a start on your Christmas list, it might be time to start giving it a thought. And if you’re having an office Christmas party, then you might also want to start thinking about who’ll be handling the office cleaning of your Beaufort...
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Clean up with our high-pressure cleaning service in Ararat

One of the favourite parts of our cleaning job is what we call the before-and-after effect – the transformation of something soiled and sad into something glistening and gleaming, as if it was new again. The before-and-after effect is demonstrated no better than by our high-pressure cleaning equipment which blasts away dirt and grime and leaves behind a...
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Commercial tile and concrete floor cleaning, Ararat

Winter is behind us and with it goes much of the mud and muck that go hand in hand with rain and cold. Now that spring has arrived it’s time for – you guessed it – a spring clean, and what better place to start cleaning than your grimy tile and concrete floors? And who better to...
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Better health with tile and grout cleaning in Beaufort

Here’s one of life’s ironies that commercial tile and grout cleaning professionals in Beaufort know all too well. The room where you clean yourself is not always that clean and can actually be bad for your health. We all spend hours in the bathroom, washing and cleaning, primping and preening. But those daily rituals involving steamy showers, soggy towels and wet face washers come...
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High-pressure cleaning work in Ararat

Cleaning is hard work. It’s as simple as that. There are no short cuts or simple all-encompassing cleaning solutions, despite what the TV ads might promise. Proper cleaning takes good old-fashioned elbow grease, and plenty of it. Ironically, one of the most intimidating cleaning jobs comes up as we prepare for one of the best...
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