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Blue Ridge Cleaning Company's cleaning FAQs

Our office does not work traditional hours, but we still need cleaners. Can you fit in with our schedule?

Blue Ridge Cleaning Company does much of its work before and after traditional business hours. Commercial cleaning and office cleaning services can be tricky to schedule, but we work with Ballarat, Beaufort and Araratt business owners and managers to find the most appropriate and least-imposing times to carry out our work.

We do a lot of work that involves confidential and sensitive information. Should we be worried about that information when we’re not in the office?

Office cleaning is a job that comes with a variety of responsibilities, including trust. Blue Ridge Cleaning Company has spent more than a decade building an impeccable record and reputation with clients in Ballarat, Ararat, Beaufort and surrounds. We’re happy to answer any questions about the security and trustworthiness of our services, abide by any of our clients’ requirements and can provide references if necessary. We treat the offices and homes of our commercial and domestic clients as if they were our own.

We have a stain on the carpet we cannot remove. Can you help?

We’re not going to mislead you. Not every carpet stain will come out. That said, cleaning sprays, powders and solutions available from supermarkets and hardware stores are not necessarily the same as the products professional cleaners use. At Blue Ridge Cleaning Company we have carpet cleaning solutions we’ve developed and refined during the past decade and there are few carpet stains and marks we can’t beat. As well, we have precisely the right equipment to produce the best results. Whether it’s commercial carpet cleaning or rescuing the lounge carpet at home after a red wine incident, Blue Ridge Cleaning Company can help, right across Ballarat, Ararat and Beaufort districts.

Our tile floor is a mess. The tiles are marked, the grout is a whole different colour these days and we’ve given up scrubbing and brushing trying to bring the floor back to life. What are our options?

Floor cleaning is a Blue Ridge Cleaning Company specialty, particularly tile and grout cleaning. We’ve lost count of the times we’ve helped to resurrect Ballarat tile floors using our specialised tile scrubber. This nifty piece of equipment is not something you’d buy yourself because it’s so specialised – and pricey – but it is the perfect solution for tired tiles and grubby grout. One session with our scrubber will have tiles looking new. Like we said, floor cleaning is one of our specialties and our rates are particularly attractive.

We have a three-storey building and cleaning the upper-most windows is almost impossible. Can you do it for us?

Yes, we can help. Frankly, amateurs should not be tackling any work off the ground. It’s simply too dangerous. Blue Ridge Cleaning Company has all the necessary safety equipment for above-ground work and we clean windows on one, two and three-storey buildings. Buildings in Ballarat, Beaufort and Ararat are prone to dirt and dust build-ups on their windows. Regular attention from our window cleaning team will keep windows sparkling clean, including those awkward little windows in hard-to-reach places.

We have offices in Ballarat, Ararat and Beaufort. Do you travel?

Yes. Blue Ridge Cleaning Company provides its range of cleaning services – commercial, carpet and floor, window, builders cleans, tile and grout, move in and move out cleans, high-pressure and exterior washdowns and floor stripping and sealing – right across Ballarat, Beaufort and Ararat districts. Get in touch to find out whether we service your area.