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Commercial cleaning services, Ballarat & district

Blue Ridge Cleaning Company prides itself on the service it delivers to residential and commercial cleaning customers across Ballarat and district.

Ian and Marlene Day have carefully nurtured and grown their business during the past decade and pride themselves on their hard-earned reputation which they go to great lengths to protect. When Ian and Marlene say Blue Ridge Cleaning Company will treat clients’ home or office as their own, they mean it. To arrange a quote, or to talk about the cleaning options available, such as high-pressure cleaning or window cleaningget in touch with Blue Ridge Cleaning Company.

Builder Cleans

Making new homes clean and tidy after the builders have moved out is one of Blue Ridge Cleaning Company’s specialties. Fully accredited and meeting all legislative requirements for Victorian building sites, the company has worked with a variety of regional builders in the past decade and is the right choice for builder cleans, whether the...
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Carpet Cleaning

Our Ballarat carpet cleaning services bring your carpet to life. We provide a thorough carpet clean on the inside of your home or business and a high-pressure washdown on the exterior. No matter where you are in Ballarat and district Blue Ridge will help you clean up. Carpets trampled flat by months or years of foot...
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Commercial/Business Cleaning

Blue Ridge Cleaning Company’s workday begins when most workers are heading home or haven’t arrived for work. Blue Ridge Cleaning Company is the commercial cleaner of choice for many of the estimated 15,000 businesses in the city of Ballarat and surrounds and specialises in after-hours office cleaning, including carpets, bathrooms and office kitchens. Renowned for...
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Floor Cleaning

Any mechanic knows the frustration of trying to clean grease and oil from a concrete floor and anybody who has had to clean a tile floor in the home or office has suffered similar pain. Blue Ridge Cleaning Company’s job is to ease the pain and frustration of floor cleaning for Ballarat district householders and...
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Floor Stripping & Sealing

Vinyl flooring can become dull and unsightly over time and dangerously slippery, but Blue Ridge Cleaning Company has tried and true techniques to resurrect vinyl and add years to its life. Rather than investing in new vinyl, contact Blue Ridge Cleaning Company and let its commercial cleaning team bring your flooring back to life. With...
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High-Pressure & Exterior Cleaning

Blue Ridge Cleaning Company takes the hard work out of cleaning large areas such as exterior walls, driveways, pool surrounds and other surfaces which accumulate hard-to-remove dirt and grime, including windows in Ballarat and district. Multi-storey buildings are one of Blue Ridge Cleaning Company’s specialties and its high-pressure cleaning services are ideal for cleaning commercial and...
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Move In & Move Out Cleaning

Experts list moving house as one of life’s most stressful experiences, and getting your residential or commercial business clean and tidy for its new owners or tenants only adds to stress you could well do without. Blue Ridge Cleaning Company helps ease the pressure of moving house with its move in and move out cleaning...
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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Blue Ridge Cleaning Company employs a professional-strength tile and grout cleaning machine to bring tiles back to as-new appearance. Like carpet cleaning, tile cleaning can be a frustrating task for amateurs, involving hours of scrubbing and brushing and chemicals which can irritate skin and eyes. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for people without the right equipment...
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Window Cleaning

Window cleaning in buildings higher than one storey is a dangerous task best left to high-pressure exterior cleaning professionals. Blue Ridge Cleaning Company in Ballarat are professional window cleaners for one, two and three-storey buildings and for windows in awkward, hard-to-reach places. Using all required safety equipment, including harnesses, Blue Ridge Cleaning Company puts safety first for...
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