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Ballarat carpet cleaning

Our Ballarat carpet cleaning services bring your carpet to life. We provide a thorough carpet clean on the inside of your home or business and a high-pressure washdown on the exterior. No matter where you are in Ballarat and district Blue Ridge will help you clean up.

Carpets trampled flat by months or years of foot traffic, stained by dropped drinks or upturned plates and a little on the nose from one unmentionable disaster or another suddenly transform under the attention of a professional carpet cleaner.

Blue Ridge Cleaning Company uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to bring carpets back to life and can also transform tired or grubby rugs and furniture.

How often should you clean carpets in Ballarat?

Ballarat averages almost 700mm of rain each year. That much rain means a lot of mud, and mud means dirty feet and dirty carpets.

Blue Ridge Cleaning Company would recommend carpet cleaning at least every year in Ballarat. Of course you could choose to wait longer, but postponing an annual clean will mean more ingrained dirt in the carpet, which will require more work and more expense to remove.

And while Ballarat can have soggy winters and springs which bring mud, the city also has hot summers, with temperatures often over 40 degrees. Searing sunshine turns mud into dust and that dust becomes dirt in your carpet. Keep you carpets in tip-top condition with a thorough clean at least once a year

Why choose Blue Ridge for carpet cleaning in Ballarat?

Blue Ridge Cleaning Company has a lifetime”s experience cleaning carpets in Ballarat and other regional Victorian centres. That extensive  experience, combined with the latest carpet cleaning equipment and technology, means the job is done right. The business also takes great pride in the standard of its work and its reputation and treats clients” homes and businesses as if they were their own.

Ian and Marlene Day have many years” experience behind their carpet cleaning for Ballarat and district and their reputation is matched only by their commitment to care.

As well as carpet and upholstery cleaning for domestic and commercial properties, the company also provides a range of cleaning services including high-pressure and exterior cleaning and floor cleaning in Ballarat and surrounds.

For quotes or more information about our carpet cleaning service in Ballarat, Beaufort and surrounding suburbs, contact Blue Ridge Cleaning Company.