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Floor cleaning, Ballarat

Any mechanic knows the frustration of trying to clean grease and oil from a concrete floor and anybody who has had to clean a tile floor in the home or office has suffered similar pain.

Blue Ridge Cleaning Company’s job is to ease the pain and frustration of floor cleaning for Ballarat district householders and businesses. Using the latest equipment, technology and techniques, the Blue Ridge Cleaning Company team absorbs the workload of arduous tasks such as tile floor cleaning and concrete floor cleaning, freeing you up to get on with other jobs or to simply enjoy your new-found spare time.

Busy commercial workplaces such as office buildings are a Blue Ridge Cleaning Company speciality. It will schedule its commercial floor-cleaning services to have little or no impact on day-to-day operations in the office or factory.

On top of its floor-cleaning service, Blue Ridge Cleaning Company also provides builder cleans and floor stripping and sealing in Ballarat and district.

For professional service, attention to detail and old-fashioned personalised care, get in touch with Ian and Marlene Day at Blue Ridge Cleaning Company. Their reputation reflects the quality of their work.